Sunday, May 24, 2009


Pui! i Hate Hate Exams!

even though its only 2 days of exam had pass but i really hate them!
They Make me study EXTRA hard!
But the more i study the more information came out of my head
They Make me got pimples!
Well... hehe no comment
Thats true! exams=paper=trees=trees bo liao=no oxygen!!
See.... Exams are nothing but bad!
Adults will say that exams make u find a job when u grow up...
Adults will say that they are really useful...
Adults will just say everything positive about exams!
And i will always think negative! Muahaha!

Well, Tomorroe (monday) its BM! Karangan and Pemahaman..
Haizz... Study from 9am-now! Sian liao!
Still nothing in my brain!
Really hate Exams!
I grow up wanna be lawyer !
Prove to world exams are useless!
But.. when i grow up also no need exams liao!
So what for!?! Haha
Okay.. nothing in my brain now!
Wanna go back STUDY BM! CYA >

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Teachers Day!

Teacher's day... a happy day for teachers and busy day for students... 18 May... Was soo nervous about the singing. I was going to sing Hero by Mariah Carey With My Best Friend Huay Yin and Syazira.We practiced at Saturday and a rest on Sunday. Teacher said 7.15 need to reach school, but 9am only start! What the heck! there were soo many students.. imagine form 1 -5 in front of u.. Arh .. that feeling in the stomach and a tight tight heart. There were soo many people that SyaZira QUIT! What the double Heck! HY and i wore on the (costume) and practice again in another class room.

My name was called... Got up the stage ... Music started ... Everyone using there BIG BIG eyes staring at you like they havent seen 2 chinese girls went up stage to performe. and the teachers.. there were soo many teachers.. i did not know there were soo many teachers in SMK BB, i think there was more that 50 !! seriously!

When it was the high note part.. the (Hold On, There will be tomorrow, In time ... Youll find the WAYYYYYY!!!!) everbody claped like i saved someone's life! Felt soo happy that i did not ran out of tune! So Happy that i did not Quit ! this 2 days was soo embrassing and (well a little proud) Teachers and students said i had a gread voice! wanted me to sing more! All The students that i dont know , know me! When they see me... they will shout Hero and Wave at me ... Embaress+proud! dont know what is that feeling! Haha It is a big successs~!~!~! Wooo Hooo!!

But theres one more thing to stress about ... tomorrow is my exam! UNTILL 29 MAY!!! Wa lao!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Birthday Party!

I had a birthday party at 25-April-2009
i dont have the time to update the latest ... so ill update it now!

As usual... BBQ party!

Everybody together! Say Cheese!(dont look at my hair!) !>

Chopping Cake time! Yum yum... Secret Recipe !

Make A Wish... (with my eye wide open?) O.O??

Take a look at my cake!

Had a Wonderful Day! Too bad i can celebrate anymore... my mom says she is too tired to make another birthday party...T.T

and this party was on 25-April-2009 but my actual birthday is on 29-April its 18-may now... Wow im sooo late... haha!