Saturday, July 25, 2009


I know my second sister hates twilight...
I know that if i talk about twilight again she will kill herself
I dont want her to kill herself, later i wont ever to meet her again..

So i wont talk or put pictures of twilight...
Ill write about New Moon! Part 2 of twilight!
Muahahaha! Cant wait 20-11-2009!
That date is like my birthday !
Let me show the posters of new moon!

This is the fater of Edward! Dr.Cullen

This is Jacob, The wolf that keeps saving Bella from danger!

This is Edward, The one Bella Loves!

This is Bella!! That one that have 2 boys like her and both are non-human..
(Weird attraction she has..)

(When you cant be with the one you love, Will you stay with the one who loves you?)
She loves Edward but he wanna suck her blood so she cant be with him, Jacob loves her but her heart is in both of them...

New Moon Poster

New Moon Poster

New Moon Poster

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Im totally a twilight fan!!! (A BIG BIG KIPAS!)

Do u know which movie im talking about?
The one with a handsome guy and a pretty gril!
Do u know how matching are they? wow!
Even my mom likes this movie!

This is the Girl

This is the Boy

What about they both together?

Aw.... So nice , in real life.. the boy (robert) really has a crush on the girl(Kristen)But to bad the girl got a long time boy friend (Micheal)

Look she looks soo bored (no chemistry at all! )

now im waiting for part 2!! (NEW MOON)
Why must put it so long time away? 20-11-2009!!
Not Fair!! i heard now they are shooting for eclips ! part3!!
New Moon Here I come!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A sudden Feeling.

I suddenly feel that im crazy of twilight ...
I suddenly feel that im getting really popular in school(dont know why..)hehe
I suddenly feel that im getting old , listening to old music and talking to old ppl
I suddenly feel like going swimming (no point)
I suddenly feel like going to Pulau Pinang
I suddenly feel like i wan to scream about my class mates! ( useless class mates)
I suddenly feel that im so pro in the game ( Maple Story)
I suddenly feel that my english teacher teach like we are 6 year-old kids Well
I suddenly feel that im really bored and should stop writing this.

Well... something i am really eager of waiting is Twilight part2 , i know a lot ppl say that that movie is slow and meaningless but i really like it! woo hoo! i vampire fan over here!